Flowers and candles always make a wonderful desk ornament for the wedding, however for the extra inventive or less traditional couple, centerpiece and wedding desk decoration concepts are limitless. Table decorations for the marriage reception are an essential piece of the reception itself. The centerpieces and surrounding decorations help create a mood in the room that may contribute the couple and visitors’ memories of the massive event. Ideas are endless, and listed here are a few of them.

For the couple with a sweet tooth, an inventive centerpiece could also be crafted utterly from desserts, providing the friends a bouquet of treats for the taking. This is able to work particularly well with wedding ceremony receptions, which can be longer in time and have many children on the visitor list. Having chocolate and sweet as marriage ceremony table decorations inside reach could quiet a would-be complainer.

For a non-floral wedding desk ornament, a cluster of photographs adds a personal contact to each table. Create a sequence of tiers within the middle of the desk, similar to the form of a marriage cake. Beautify each stage with black and white photos of the couple and their families. For the enthusiastic decorator, crafting every set of pictures to suit the visitors could also be an option. For example, the childhood buddies of the bride may take pleasure in taking a look at footage of the friends all through the years. The groom’s dad and mom could respect faculty photos from every grade faculty year. The images may even double as wedding favors to be taken home with the visitors following the reception.

Another flower-less centerpiece for the reception is the idea of a wishing well. However, instead of tossing in pennies and nickels, visitors add their properly needs to the visitors using craft provides provided with every well. An empty, clear glass urn or fish bowl sits in the middle of the table, and by the tip of the evening, the couple will have the ability to collect and cherish the words and needs of their buddies and families.

As an alternative of a large floral centerpiece, consider a hanging centerpiece over the middle of every table. A low hanging chandelier stuffed with fresh flowers and greenery adds a twist to the tradition. The presence of a chandelier will make the seating association cozy and intimate regardless of being housed in a big room full of similar tables. Having the association overhead will also permit visitors to converse across the table without having to lean to at least one side with a view to achieve eye contact.

Conventional marriage ceremony desk decorations embrace flowers. Often, a big centerpiece sits at the middle of the spherical table. For a reception with rectangular seating, a number of centerpieces could adorn the table. This is usually true for the top table as well. Typically, votive candles surround the centerpiece and provide mood calmly and faint perfume to the table. Wedding ceremony candles can coordinate with the desk and or the bridal get together colors. Whereas traditional marriage ceremony desk decorations are lovely and stand the test of time, a little bit of creativity within the custom can actually make the room memorable.

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Most businesses need web content or articles written for the web because that is their primary way of directing people to their website. Obviously the more people that come to a site (high traffic) the more likely they are to buy that company’s product or service.

Businesses want the right mix of people to come to their site and in order to attract the right clientele, they put up web content that is relevant and targeted to their market. Businesses choose SEO (search engine optimized) content to display on their website so that visitors searching for their content will find it on the search engines.

Writing for the web entails good use of keyword research to know what people are searching for online combined with smooth, flowing writing for human readers.

A good SEO-optimized article will contain the following characteristics:

Bomba SEO

  • be easy to scan online since web readers judge the content by its layout
  • be easy to read online since web readers typically have low attention thresholds
  • have an attention-catching headline
  • get to the point of the article in the first line and follow emphatically from there
  • make good use of keywords in the title, subtitle and subheading (as well as image captions if any)
  • flow smoothly and be a delight to read
  • contain short chunky paragraphs no more than 50-75 words
  • make good use of bullets and lists where they will illustrate the point more succinctly
  • get rid of tired language and inconsistent tenses
  • use active voice, not passive voice
The above characteristics will not only make your articles easy to find on the net, but also easy to read, thus driving more relevant traffic to your site.  takes practice and patience, so remember to write for SEO and to write often!

Salma Jafri is the owner, a content development firm and resource site for building your online business. Salma is an online entrepreneur and freelance writer who’s active on Elance. A proud mother, a passionate writer, an MBA marketing major, a professional trainer, and an e-learning instructional designer; Salma’s interests are plenty, but she’s most passionate about helping others build their own successful online business.

Commodity Trading Vs Forex Trading

Commodity Trading Robot

If you are looking for some means to invest your money and make profit, then you should better invest in Commodity trading or Forex trading. These are the most popular trading techniques that had gained the attention of large number of people. Most of the traders are now begun to invest in commodities and Foreign Exchange rather than investing in stocks as they the later tends to be very unstable. Here is a quick brief comparing the Commodity trading Vs Forex trading which would help you to analyze the pros and cons of each trading methodology.

Trading comfort

When is comes to ease of trading or trading comfort both commodities and Forex are relatively easy to trade. Commodity trading is more predictable in the sense you can predict the value of the commodities based on the supply and demand. Though Forex can not be predicted as that of commodities, Forex is also comparatively easy to trade if you are practicing the right trading technique, though it can be a bit complex when you are dealing with leverages.

Profit commodity robot review

Profit is the key in any trading and both commodity and Forex trading are really profitable and gives a huge profit on your investment. The profit of the commodity trading depends on the initial investment and the predicting the rise or fall of the value of the commodities. Forex is also extremely profitable and when it is practiced with proper leverage this trading can lead to very high profit rates. Both these technique are consistent.

How to Lose Belly Fat Fast - The Truth About Belly Fat After 30 and What You Can Do About It!

While belly fat is one of the biggest physical challenges both men and women face today I can tell that you can lose belly fat fast and easily. The reason for the excess fat around the belly area has very little to do with the failure of proper dieting, or the amount crunches you did or the amount of carbohydrates you ate, it has everything to do with a change in hormonal production.

Belly fat can be a very soul destroying personal challenge and is responsible for many health risks along with loss of sex drive, fatigue, depression and hot flushes and it all comes down to a shift in hormone production. Of course some fat however is required, because without it we would freeze on a very cold day. But excess belly fat isn’t good for you.

It doesn’t matter what your own personal challenges are: food cravings, old age or just simply puppy fat. Of course by eating too much of any food, can make you fat. Whenever we gain 5 or 7 pounds, it’s in our belly that it shows. And when we try to take these pounds, that’s where they remain… Cutting down on our cardio or weight training will simply just add inches all over the body so that is not advisable either.

Male body fat tends to concentrate around the belly area, chest and face, and even though they often refer to it as “beer belly” - it doesn’t really have much to do with beer, only for the fact that beer is used as a catalyst for gaining weight.

Women’s body fat, tends to concentrate on the hips, bum and thighs but as women get older the estrogen levels also decline, so they start putting on weight around the belly area, just the way males do.

Why is it that we start to form belly fat around the age of 30? It’s in fact anywhere between the ages of 30 and 55. And it is all down to hormonal dominance, namely estrogen, in both men and women. Yes you heard right, in men as well.

As we age, our hormone production begins to shift and our estrogen levels can become dominant, our bodies are then unable to efficiently use fat stores for energy, which means that our metabolic rate, the rate at which we burn calories, is compromised. The end result is excess fat that is harder to shift even with less food intake and more exercising.

So, How to Lose Belly Fat Fast?

The answer lies in a diet specifically designed to reduce estrogen levels and restore hormonal balance while boosting our metabolism rate. Start to include the following foods designed to target belly fat reduction in your every day diet:

  • Cruciferous Vegetables: consume large amounts of these “belly flatters”: broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, radish, turnip and beet root.
  • Insoluble Fiber: these can help bring about hormonal balance causing you to burn fat around the belly quicker.They include: whole-wheat bread, barley, couscous, brown rice, whole-grain cereal, seeds, cucumber, tomatoes and wheat bran.
  • Citrus Fruits: these include lemons, limes, grapefruit, tangerines and oranges. You will lose weight a lot faster if you eat large amounts of these fruits.

The Incredible, Mystical, Formidable Herpes Virus

You are one of the oldest forms of life on this planet. Yet you are not truly alive. Instead you walk the shadow-world between life and non-life.

You are feared by all, Revered by none.Ultimate Herpes Protocol Review

You infect all vertebrates and many invertebrates.

You are one of the driving forces in evolution. Your genes have been incorporated into our genes.

You are a wonder of engineering and adaptability.

You are ruthless in your primal drive to survive.

You are the life-long uninvited guest in my body.

You are a red-hot wonder when active. Yet will lie dormant for decades like a seed in the dessert waiting for an opportune moment.

You are the Herpes Simplex Virus.


You need to hire a PR firm.

Although one of the least damaging viruses, milder even than its relatives the chicken-pox/shingles virus and the mono/chronic fatigue virus- Herpes is feared, scorned, reviled like almost no other disease in modern times. It’s a simple sexually-transmitted skin infection classified as a minor disease in dermatological textbooks. But it’s sexually transmitted and of course anything related to sex in this sexually conflicted society comes under the prevue of religious conservatives and those with unresolved sexual hang-ups.

Herpes isn’t one of the bad viruses that will kill it’s host. It is a virus that merely wishes to take up permanent residence in a host and remain dormant for long periods of time. Some studies suggest that up to 70% of those infected by herpes simplex do not have outbreaks that they can detect.

Herpes is a wonder of engineering. The debate in the scientific community about whether or not viruses are actually alive continues. Viruses lack the ability to survive and reproduce on their own. They are entirely dependent on having a host. The herpes virus is actually very similar to a computer virus in the way it behaves. Like a computer virus, herpes simplex penetrates into your hardware/body, re-programmes your operating system/dna to change the way your computer/body behaves and make billions of copies of itself. Viruses come close to fitting the definition of being alive but they stay on the boundary between life and ab-life. Viruses can grow in dead human cells and even have the ability to bring them back to life. Viruses can even stage their own resurrection. Even if you manage to destroy massive amount of a virus in your body, if there was more than one copy of the virus in any one cell, the virus can resurrect itself by playing Dr. Frankenstein, piecing together parts from more than one dead virus to create a new living whole virus.

The herpes virus like no other virus I know of has the ability to compel the host cell its has invaded to change it’s shape and turn itself into a tunnel to the next healthy cell so that herpes can move from cell to cell without exposing itself to your blood stream. This way your immune system has no chance of detecting and destroying it.

Just as impressive is the strategy the virus employs of only sending 50% of active virus during an outbreak to the surface of the skin. The other 50% of the activated virus it sends to infect uninfected cells. Thus it is never in danger of being wiped out of your body.

Viruses have been one of the key players in the evolution of humans and other animal life. When a virus has infected us in the past if it has any genes which are useful to our evolution those genes have been incorporated into our genome. When that same virus mutates, again if there are any useful new genes our bodies have in our evolutionary past incorporated those new genes into our dna. Since viruses mutate faster than we can they have had a profound influence on how we have evolved, as have bacteria. It can be argued that viruses have probably had more of an effect on our evolution than climate change or other changes in our environment since those changes will always happen much more slowly than the mutation of viruses and bacteria.

The word herpes comes from the Greek “to creep”. Herpes was certainly an issue even to the ancient Greeks. Herpes can indeed creep from cell to cell undetected by the immune system. Herpes can creep from one outbreak location to others. Herpes does indeed creep from an infected person to an uninfected person. Herpes has been around for 140 million years and will be around long after we’re gone from this planet. We still don’t know a great deal about the herpes simplex virus. I have no doubt that as we get to know this virus better and better it will become harder not to acknowledge it an engineering marvel, a great survivor and evolutionary instigator.

There are people making money every single day playing on the penny stock market. Though to be honest those that are successful are not playing at all. They are using their skills and know how to accurately decide when to invest or sell a particular stock. Most people don’t have the ability to do that. That is why the average person does not play the stock market but works with a stock broker to make decisions.

1. What Is Penny Stock Prophet System?

The Penny Stock Prophet created an algorithm to analyze the penny stock market to identify what stocks were going to do. Then the program was used to identify what stocks were about to increase in value and about how high it would rise before it would start to fall in value. The system used the algorithm, instead of a stock broker, to become a millionaire using the predictions to successfully trade penny stock. The algorithms predictions were not dead on all the time, but enough that the Prophet was able to become a wealthy and successful penny stock trader.

2. How Does Penny Stock Prophet Work?

First the knowledge gained from the algorithm was shared with Penney Stock Prophet’s friends and family. The advice about the stocks was used to make money trading Penny Stocks. Then the Prophet started a newsletter, Penny Stock Prophet, where the information provided by the algorithm is offered in the form of stock recommendations. The Prophet’s stock recommendations provide the information about the stock, the best point to buy the stock and where it would be a good idea to sell. People receiving and using the daily stock alerts started making money. The system advice or stock recommendations have a proven track record of being accurate.

3. Is It worth Joining To Receive Stock Alerts?

There is a one time cost to joining and receiving the stock alerts. There is a money back guaranty with the membership. If an individual using the information and stock tips has not made a profit more than the cost of the membership in eight weeks than the membership fee is one hundred percent refunded. That is a simple, straight forward and clear guaranty. Make a profit or don’t pay for the advice. They key here is that the information needs to be used. There is no point of joining unless there is the ability to buy Penny Stocks right away. If disposable cash is available to purchase Penny Stocks then there is a profit to be made.

Eco Friendly Phones

Eco friendly phones cause minimum harm to the environment and thus, are the need of the hour. These phones consume energy efficiently and you can charge them through solar energy.

Eco-friendly phones are manufactured from fewer toxins and are quite easy to dismantle and most importantly, they are biodegradable.

Few companies remake old phones and send it to the developing countries. In this way, phones are reused and the ever-increasing demands for cell phones are fulfilled.


Some green features of eco-friendly phones are as follows:

1. LCD screens equipped with solar powered cells
2. Green standards certified chargers
3. Carbon neutral external bodies made from corn, mercury/lead/cadmium free materials or recycled plastic.
4. Biodegradable and carbohydrate powered green batteries

If you are thinking of changing your mobile, some eco friendly things can be done such as:

1. Provide your old mobile to the shop from where you bought it, for recycling.
2. You may contact your phone manufacturer to know the recycling programs that are available.
3. You may take your phone to a recycling center.
4. You may donate your mobile to any non-government organization or an agency, which undertakes or helps in recycling of used phones.

In addition, make your phone battery run or live longer. You may do this by the following ways.

• Use energy saving settings in your phone
• Do not use animated wallpapers.
• Switch off the programs, which you do not want to use, such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
• Make use of simple ringtones.
• Use corded handsets.
• Limit the use of camera features.
• Clean the battery contacts regularly.
• Avoid over charging.

Thus, by taking some eco friendly measures for your phones, you may conserve energy, minimize wastes and save our environment.

However, before buying an eco-friendly phone, make sure that the phone complies with all the standards.

Restaurants looking for eMobile Code reviews , hospitals, leisure venues, hotels, offices and major retailers are just a few that have been utilising HME Wireless solutions to increase sales, improve customer satisfaction and staff productivity for many years in establishments worldwide.

If you heard about Garcinia Cambogia then most probably, you’ve had your eyebrow raised. Most people consider it as too good to be true simply because of its efficiency when it comes to helping people lose weight and also the tons of benefits that goes along with it. This article will help you understand Garcinia Cambogia a little bit more as we tackle the various benefits that you could get from using it.

Garcinia Cambogia is pumpkin shaped fruit which is commonly found in tropical areas in Asia. Basically, it was used as a food additive and a first-aid treatment in the past by the locals but with the technology that we have right now, scientists have found out that it contains a good amount of Hydroxycitric Acid or HCA. This is an organic compound which could:

1. Help you get rid of fats in your body

What HCA does is stimulate your metabolism thereby making it act faster and with that, the fats in your body gets burned and are excreted through your sweat. The problem why many people tend to put on more weight is the fact that their metabolism is very slow which is oftentimes brought about by inactivity and lack of physical exercises.

2. It could slow down the fomation of fats

Another great thing about HCA is that it could slow down the formation of fats by limiting the release of glucose into the bloodstream thereby making sure that no unwanted fats get formed.

3. It could improve your energy levels

Since garcinia cambogia weight loss can boost your metabolism. Those unwanted fats in your body gets convered into much useful energy. This makes it a wonderful weight loss supplement especially for people who enjoy going to the gym and doing daily workout regimens.

4. It could suppress your appeite

Another reason why people tend to put on more weight is the fact that they usually eat more than they should. With HCA you don’t need to worry about resisting your food cravings simply because it could help you suppress your appetite so you will feel full even in between meals.

So, this starts off as a 4 month journey that started about 6 months back. I was very unsatisfied with my breasts and my confidence lacked because of it. They were small, sagging, and just had no shape to them. I was considering plastic surgery until a friend of mine introduced me to an all natural product called breast actives. That’s when I started doing some researching so I can find out more for myself. She had been using the produce for a few months and promised me that it has already worked wonders for her and that I should give it a shot.

After reading countless online review articles I was almost sold. I was even more sold after I saw that this product was featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show and CNN! It had so many women showing positive results with their before and after pictures. Each woman claimed that the product was able to either increase firmness, size, or both!

I found out that the product was all natural so that’s when I decided to go ahead and purchase it for myself. The ingredients listed were Vitamin E, Fenugreek, Fennel, Dong Quai, Blessed Thistle, Dandelion, Kelp, Watercress, and L-Tyrosine. I found out that many of these ingredients were proven to enhance the breast.

It does this by reactivating the thyroid gland found in the mammary glands the same way as in puberty. It also includes exercises that are specifically designed for breasts. They help give the breast a more contoured shape and look!

How does breast actives work

I am happy to say that now 4 months after being on the product I have been able to go up 1 cup size and my breasts just look much better! They are firmer and rounder than before and I can’t thank my friend enough for letting me know about it. I will try to keep posting updates and good luck to those out there!

TAO OF BADASS… What exactly is it?

Like the tagline states, “Everything you have to know to be a complete BADASS with women,” he Tao of Badass is a system that teaches you ways to approach, attract, pickup, then seduce women. Like lots of other systems that teaches the art of seduction, it is based upon the now legendary pickup artist Mystery’s M3 model. It teaches you the fundamentals of approaching and attracting women and along the way, perhaps, how you might actually become a badass with women.

There are DOZENS of these pick up artist systems! the tao of badass review

Yes there are, and I’m here to let you in on a big secret. All these systems are based upon the same exact underlying principle so all are more or less the same. Nevertheless, each system specializes on some facet of the seduction/attraction process. Much like in religion where the underlying principle is the same, but have various denominations, divisions, followings, cults, and sects, the pickup community is similar in the fact that each system is just unique enough to warrant a different following. There are those that go for that churn and burn, some that simply attempt to get as much sex as possible, some that show you ways to get your ex lover back, and those that actually teach how to attract and sustain a quality, long term relationship.

Where does TAO OF BADASS fit in then?

It fits someplace in the middle and that’s the strength of this system. It doesn’t try to specialize and make specific promises. Rather, it teaches you the fundamentals and leaves the specifics for following lessons and programs. Think of it as “Seduction 101,” the entry level course that gets you primed and ready with the fundamentals prior to moving on to the expert stuff. Some might not like this method but as in any acquired skill, the fundamentals are the most important.

What’s so special about this system then?

The guy that made this system, Josh Pellicer, concentrates on 3 aspects of attracting women in his system. These 3 things are the things that sets this system apart from others and well worth reading. You MUST get these 3 things if you do not get anything else from this system.

1) Qualifying

Qualifying means to sell yourself to somebody or have somebody sell themselves to you. You DO NOT want to be qualifying yourself to someone. This is construed as being desperate and needy. This system teaches you ways to have the woman QUALIFY HERSELF TO YOU! This means that the girl will chase YOU, instead of the other way around. Wouldn’t that make everything so much nicer?

2) Compliance test

A compliance test is an act or a statement that checks to see if you are going to do whatever the woman wants you to. If you comply, she will have gotten control over the conversation, interaction, and you. The compliance test is really a test to see whether or not they can get away with whatever they want. Why would they want to test this? Well, they want to find out whether or not you’re used to gorgeous women hitting on you or whether or not you’re used to being with beautiful women. This system teaches you to pass this test like you have the answers written on the inside of your arm.

3) Congruence test

This is yet another test you HAVE TO PASS! A congruence test is a test to see if you are truly as confident as you seem to be, usually by pitching a fussy comment or insulting you in some way. It is to see how you, their prospective date, reacts to a stressful situation. The reasoning is, if you are able to endure her insults, you may have the ability to handle her in real life. After this course, you will learn how you can identify this wicked test and understand the best ways to ACE it.

So will this make me a badass with women?

Perhaps, but most likely not. This is not a magic book, and it most definitely will not make you get off your butt and apply these techniques. The only thing that will make you successful with attracting women is the amount of effort and practical application YOU put in. This system is just a guide, a mentor, it can just provide you the knowledge. How well you apply that knowledge is entirely up to you. That being said, if you really use the techniques in this book and practice, then maybe one day, you may also become a badass with women…