Windows VPS or Windows Virtual Private Server is a method that can split a server into multiple parts. Each server that is virtual can have its own operating system on a full-fledged basis and one can also reboot each server independently.

The Windows VPS is a boon for the small to medium sized business which cannot afford to have an expensive server running and at the same time the business may be too large for a web solution hosting on a shared basis. Hence, the server solution is a balanced one that brings the best of both sides to you.

Let us now consider the relative advantages of Windows VPS as opposed to a Linux VPS.

First, depending on the type of package you subscribe for, the package will manage your backups totally on your behalf. This will ensure that the server is backed up daily so that you can restore it at any time, depending on when it was restored. All you need to do is to put through a request to the technical department.

Second, the Windows Virtual Private Server, especially the Windows 2008 Virtual Private Server, has the facility of regular system updates. Your system updates are done and managed on a regular basis and these are updated the moment the most recent updates are released.

Third, you can easily perform the capacity monitoring of the system. You get to know how much resource usage you will require at any given point of time. The hosting center of systems will precisely track the usage and will send out recommendations about the kind of hosting packages that will the most suitable, given your needs.

Fourth, the companies that are providing the server support also have excellent customer service system. You can just give then a call and they will be at your service. So you can be assured that the troubleshooting will not be delayed at any cost.

Fifth, you can also do some availability monitoring. You would not otherwise know about the potential problems your server may be facing. This can be a real irritant as when a problem actually crops up, it can catch you napping. And then you will need to do some crazy running around to fix the problem. In this case, however, you are alerted of any impending problem well in advance so that you can stay prepared and take precautionary steps to find remedies to the problem.

The solution is thus an ideal blend of efficiency and cost effectiveness. This is the ideal solution for the smaller and medium sized businesses which might have budget constraints but will still emphasize of high performance. Additionally, the customer support is good too.